VýstřižekKrátký film Jany Mrázové vzniklý v rámci předmětu Audiovizuální projekt.

Anotace: I am a student of Janacek Academy of Performing Arts. This is my graduate audiovisual project – a short movie called Just a joke.
Is our life just a joke? Does anybody think Ema can´t exist? I am meeting girls, who are on the party almost every second night. I am meeting girls, who are talking only about boys. They really want to be loved, but they are naive and a bit silly. In this time they don´t know how to talk to each other, they only know how to text to each other. They more care about their virtual profile than about the real one. Ema is a naive girl, who likes to go to the party a lot. One day she wakes up in the middle of the forest. She is a bit scared. She tells Dana (her best friend) about that. Dana is not surprised, she knows Ema. Ema is the nice girl, but she doesn´t know when to stop, same like when she is talking. Ema is talking all the time about herself and she cares only about herself and maybe about her cat. Ema is not a bad person, she is just lost in this world. Dana is not the bad person neither.

Hrají: Viktória Pejková, Anet Klimešová

Kamera, střih: Paulína Ščepková

Zvuk: Kateřina Hejnarová

Produkce: Adam Harton

Scénář, režie: Jana Mrázová